Lunden Reign is now working on their second album “CONFESSIONS”along with producer and music co-writer: Luis

Photo courtesy of Ceol Photography
Photo courtesy of Ceol Photography

Maldonado; the planned release is for December, 2016.

Their first album “AMERICAN STRANGER” received critical acclaim and made multiple music magazine’s “TOP 10-BEST OF” Lists for 2015.

LUNDEN REIGN is quickly turning heads with their impressive high energy live performance, compelling and though-provoking lyrics and original music being described as “DRIVING, UPBEAT, EDGY with HAUNTING MELODIES and MASSIVE GUITAR RIFFS.”

Some describe Lunden Reign’s sound as a new genre in itself best described as “BIG BEAT ALT ROCK.” One UK reviewer (after seeing their show in London) called Lunden Reign: “The new sound of LA.”

Photo courtesy of Ceol Photography
Photo courtesy of Ceol Photography

Already some of rock’s legends have joined Lunden Reign on stage including: TERRI NUNN (Berlin), PRESCOTT NILES (The Knack) and DALE BOZZIO (Missing Persons).

Their debut album “AMERICAN STRANGER” was produced by Luis Maldonado and recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA; Abbey Road Studios, London, UK; and Stagg Street Studios, LA. AMERICAN STRANGER mastered by Grammy winning Evren Goknar at Capitol Records, Hollywood.  Art design and cover design for “American Stranger” by legendary album designer: IOANNIS.

Lunden Reign is comprised of: Laura Espinoza-Lunden, Nikki Lunden, Matt Lucich & Matt Denis.

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Lunden Reign proudly endorses & records with HIWATT AMPS, UK


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What Are Fans Saying? CrueFest Show Deemed “Best Live Performance Yet”

In the three years I have been following Lunden Reign, I have not experienced the phenomenon like I did at Whisky-A-Go-Go for Cruefest 2016. Lunden Reign dominated the crowd and held them all with their music, with Nikki Lunden sounding the best she has ever since she was introduced to the Los Angeles crowds. With Laura E. Lunden, Julian Tomarin (guitars), Matt Lucich (drums) and Matt Denis (bass) backing her up, she kept everyone hanging onto every word, every lyric, every music note.  Nikki’s voice carried strongly like never before, and you could feel in the room how much she was enjoying herself, bringing that special gift of such powerful vocals. “

– Jean Jeanelle

Lunden Reign ‘s performance at Cruefest Hollywood is amazing!  Nikki Lunden  commanded the stage with several high-powered and unreleased new songs for their upcoming album “Confessions!” The energy of the show was high and many of the band’s long time fans thought this was their best live performance yet. This writer agrees – they were dynamic.”

– Dennis Kennelly



HQ Colorful Grunge TexturesINDUSTRY/CELEBRITY Reviews:

Martha Davis (Lead singer of The Motels):
“The song ‘Hear Me’ is wonderful & heartfelt.”


Prescott Niles (The Knack, Missing Persons):
“Every so many years an album comes out that redefines modern music. ‘AMERICAN STRANGER’ is that next album. Grab some headphones, close your eyes and let your senses explore the sounds of Lunden Reign’s music. Today the cycle goes full with a long-awaited return to music that touches the soul and embraces the test of time.”


Terri Nunn (Lead singer of Berlin):
“Lora G is a great songwriter and musician. I listened to (American Stranger) a couple of times. My favorites are ‘LOVE IN FREE FALL,’ ‘HEAR ME’ and ‘THE LIGHT.’ I loved the passion of ‘HEAR ME’ …that’s my most favorite one. Nikki is good!”


Dale Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons):
“ ‘American Stranger’ is a masterpiece! Every song is great!”


Phil Soussan (Bassist – Ozzy, Billy Idol, Grammy BOD):
“What an amazing album, incredible songwriting, lyrics and groove!”


SHANNON ROBERTSON: (former keyboardist with Jimmy Page):

“The album is a super collection, clearly written from the heart – of some of the strongest tunes I have heard in a long while – and I listen to *a lot* of music. The real test of a band, and its songs – is – “can they do it live” – in real time. Watch the video of the band’s show at the Roxy – there’s so much energy flying off that stage, I feel for any act that has to follow them!

PRESS Reviews:

Gapplegate (Review by: Grego Edwards) 5-1-15:

“I have always appreciated a good rock album and this one qualifies. It doesn’t have that contemporary vapidity that the worst of pop today seems to have sunk into. But that becomes ever more clear as you listen a few times. It’s a band and an album that ultimately appeals to me because it shows you that rock can live on and thrive when things are right. Lunden Reign makes things right! So if you want to get a sense what is happening today rock-wise, here is one place to find out.”


Hooked on Music Review by: Michael Koenig, 4-2015:

“The two experienced ladies pull out all the stops of their extensive skills. (The music) has haunting vocals and sophisticated guitar playing on all songs. From the first to the last note Lunden and Espinoza-Lunden have everything under their control. The melodic, occasionally even orchestration, therefore combining hard rock with progressive tendencies grabs the listener immediately.  This may be due to the fact that it goes off alternately so correct, but then some places but is noticeably quieter and tamer. The mixture is definitely true.
“American Stranger” is a huge success. Producer Luis Maldonado, mixer Geoff Pearlman, Masterer Evren Göknar and anyone next to Lunden / Espinoza-Lunden, participating in the recording (musical) can be on the Advance proud of them. Of course, the basis for this magnificent (album) comes first  form the strong tracks, which come exclusively from the women, Luis Maldonado and Geoff Pearlman. (An album) debut I praise. We’ll see whether a tour to Germany comes into existence.”


Music Street Journal Review by: G.W. Hill 3-28-15:

“I love this song (Hear Me). It feels very much like a dramatic epic metal piece. It’s powerful and hard rocking. Yet the edge is melodic. There are even hints of world music here. The hooks aren’t left behind despite all that’s added here. There are some real powerhouse moments here, yet it also drops back to a piano based mellower segment.


Classic Rock Hear & Now-Review by Ray Shasho 3-5-15:

“It’s a rare phenomenon that I write and boast about a new rock band, but L.A. based newcomers, Lunden Reign packed such a punch with its debut album … an extraordinary- high-energy- esoteric rock gem, integrated with profound lyrical content, that I felt compelled to applause this exciting new progressive-rock powerhouse.
“American Stranger” is the incredible debut album from Lunden Reign. The album was recorded at Capitol Records in Hollywood, Abbey Road (Studio 2) in London and Stagg Street Studios. Luis Maldonado produced, played guitar and co-wrote with Lora G. on various tracks. Maldonado is a platinum-selling songwriter & recording artist who has collaborated with John Waite, Patrick Monahan (Train), Lisa Marie Presley, Glen Hughes, Michael Schenker, UFO, and with his own band, ‘Into the Presence.’ Other album credits include mix engineer Geoff Pearlman (Linda Perry), Morgan Young on drums, Hector Maldonado (bassist for Train) and Cellist Ana Lenchantin (Queens of the Stone Age, The Eels).
‘American Stranger’ is a magnificent and seasoned debut production … every track is commanding while emphatically seductive …the album has it all, but also entices the listener to cry out for more … Lunden Reign validates musical fortitude and secures the elements needed to develop into a colossal rock group.  (5) Stars!”

***** Review by: Chris C. 3-18-15:

“Lunden Reign is a band propelled by two women, singer Nikki Lunden and guitarist Lora G, not that such a fact matters. What’s more important is that they are a classic hard rock band in a time when they are sorely needed, and they’re making the bold statement of introducing themselves with “American Stranger”, a concept album.
It would be too easy to compare Lunden Reign to a band like Heart, but there’s something about the chugging guitar in the opening seconds of “Love In Free Fall” that reminds me of “Barracuda”. There’s a nice blend of classic rock with modern sonic touches, and Nikki’s vocals are warm and inviting….
“28IF (Without, Which Not)”… (is) another highly enjoyable mix of the new and old, and exactly the kind of song that Lunden Reign needs to be building their reputation on. The mix of rock swagger and catchy hooks is well-balanced, and keeps the music from ever feeling the least bit poppy. There’s plenty of grit and bite to the songs, which is due in large part to Nikki’s ability to sing rock with all the blood and guts it needs.
“Hush & Whispers” continues the winning streak, with a driving rhythm and big hook that will probably become the band’s biggest live anthem, while the title track introduces a cello to give an increased sense of drama to the composition. “Mary” is the album’s centerpiece, and longest song, and features some gorgeously crisp guitar tones that cut through the mix and give the riffs the ability to attack.
By the time we get to the end of the record, two things are clear; 1) “American Stranger” is one of those rare albums that could benefit from being longer.  At a taut 37 minutes, it’s a brisk bit of music that passes by too quickly…. Lunden Reign has made a damn solid rock album…. “American Stranger” is a strong outing for a debut album, and a needed statement to redefine the ways we see women in rock music…. Lunden Reign defy expectations, and they’ve made a strong case for themselves. “American Stranger” is a fantastic example of modern classic rock.”


Playback STL Review by Marc J. Farr  3-3-15:

“2015 sees the release of the highly anticipated new full-length album from Lunden Reign.  American Stranger is a concept album forged with a straight forward heavy metal sound. Musically reminiscent of artists like Queensrÿche with a touch of Vixen on the vocal, Lunden Reign are a bright light in a flurry of female fronted metal acts (The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm) presently hitting the scene.
The story, which centers on the main character, Mary, is one of struggle and self-perseverance. This album is a life-defining epiphany seen through the eyes of a woman struggling with her sexuality, her humanity, and love. The lyrics guide you through her journey and the concept is well-created and well-written.
The production is tight and right on cue. Not overly done, the material is cohesive and approachable, which is not always so with concept albums. This progressive act weaves a most intricate musical web while not going overboard with time changes and the like.
Lunden’s vocals are passionate and real—a little Pat Benatar, a little Doro-ish—yet she wraps around the melody and makes it her own. The guitars are full of vicious licks and haunting riffs, while the rhythm section cinches it all together. Heavy and driven, the overall sound of the album is some of the best melodic metal I’ve heard in some time. With a concept most fans can identify with, American Stranger is in a class all its own. a B+ !”


STRUTTER’ZINE, (Jan, 2015), :

Only 2 years ago the band Lunden Reign was formed by Nikki Lunden (Lead Singer, Bass, Keyboards, Composer) & Lora G Espinoza-Lunden (Composer, Guitarist, Keyboards) and already now they release their sensational full-length debut album American stranger.  10 songs are included and songs like Love In Free Fall, The Savage Line, When love lies and It’s about time (pure AOR actually!) are very impressive melodic rocktunes with a sorta progressive rock approach, like Rush meets Heart meets Lana Lane.
The band describe themselves as a big beat progressive rockband, but I would rather see them as a melodic rockband with progressive rock influences and a soul touch. Without a doubt, we are dealing here with something very interesting and a band to watch out for.  (Points: 8.5 out of 10)

SHAKEFIRE (Review by AJ Garcia)  Jan, 2015:

Rating: A for American Stranger.  Lunden Reign is yet another band that I had never heard before or knew what to expect. The cynic in me wanted to jump to the conclusion that this was going to be something that I’d seen and heard before. Boy would I have been wrong.

Lunden Reign is rock for adults. There’s no poppy fluff to be found on this album. Vocals come off a bit throwback (depending on your age), but there’s just something about Nikki Lunden’s voice that draws you in with its steady control and the ability to come off tough and vulnerable all in one breath. Meanwhile the band just meshes with that combo with epic sounding drum breaks and heavy guitar which slips into a steady beat and light ambiance creating guitar effects.

My favorite part of the album is that lyrically this is music, especially at my age, that I can relate to that isn’t some base emotion, but rather themed with importance that’s relevant to our current political and societal climate. Even when a track isn’t heavy with purpose, lyrically those songs feel like someone entered an emotional state of mind and felt the need to create something out of it instead of just toying around with words that are trending in music. Again, rock for thinking adults.

If I had to pinpoint some familiar sounds on the album to stroke comparison I’d say Alice In Chains (during their Sap E.P. Sessions), R.E.M. (The Savage Line, intro anyway), The Cult (When Love Lies).

Stand out tracks include title track American Stranger, The Light (which is absolutely epic sounding and poetically impressive). Really, I would rate this album pretty high, but those two tracks stand out the most to me for vision and style. Be sure to check out their reverb page to listen to some of the album. Enjoy.


Record-Journal (Review by Jim Pasinski)  Jan, 2015:

From Mission Viejo, CA comes the debut album from Lunden Reign entitled “American Stranger.” Their music is self-described as “big band prog rock” as lead singer Nikki Lunden’s voice is a hard rock version of Sheryl Crow and Blondie. The new ten song release begins with the aggressive “Love In Free Fall,” then moves on to a more “pop rock” feel for “The Savage Line” as Lunden’s voice excels. Their sound could definitely catch the mainstream rock market with “Hush & Whispers,” while the title-song “American Stranger” has a more country rock appeal. The band’s progressive rock sound comes through in the songs “Mary” and “When Love Lies,” before closing with the big vocal force of Nikki Lunden on “It’s About Time.” To find out more about the new album “American Stranger,” please visit


Russell Trunk’s EXCLUSIVE Magazine (CD Review by Anne Carlini)  Jan, 2015:

Nikki Lunden (Lead Singer, Bass, Keyboards, Composer) & Lora G. Espinoza-Lunden (Composer, Guitarist, Keyboards) came together to form LA Based, and creatively-named Lunden Reign in mid-2013. Shortly after they teamed with platinum-selling producer Luis Maldonado for their debut album, this incredibly vibrant work of musical art I now hold in my hand, AMERICAN STRANGER.
Having already toured alongside some of the arcs of classic music of their genre; names such as rock legends Prescott Niles of The Knack and even Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons, Lunden Reign’s twin blonde firecracker ladies stir enough heat live on stage that it thankfully makes its way to this CD en masse.
Contained on this fabulous debut are ten (10) powerhaus tracks that showcase Lunden Reign’s highly-original, some might even say “alternative big beat” styling to the fore. Kicking off with ‘Love In Free Fall,’ they back that up with ‘The Savage Line’ and then sprinkle in such tracks as ‘Hush & Whispers,’ Hear Me,’ and amongst others, both ‘When Love Lies’ and ‘It’s About Time.’”


Simon Barrett Music Review-The Week in Review Jan, 2015:

Lora G and Nikki Lunden are set to release their debut concept album American Stranger. Set for a March release you can get a preview by tuning into the program. Nikki elaborates about the album’s concept, “ ‘American Stranger’ is a complete story from end to end. It was designed to be a sort of ‘rock opera’ about intolerance and those willing to stand up to it as well as those it’s destroying. The central character is ‘Mary’ (song #7), a young woman who feels isolated, misunderstood and so disconnected from the world ‘I want so hard to be set free, from everyone that judges me. I want to live a live someday, a world away from yesterday.’ The song ‘Mary’ is prefaced by ’28IF’, ‘Hear Me’ and ‘American Stranger’. In the end she overcomes in ‘Hush and Whispers’: ‘Who cares what I am, it’s all insane stop trying to change my life.’”

From MUSIC GUY247  Review by: Rob Von Bernewitz  (1-22-15)

Lunden Reign is a Rock and Roll band out of Los Angeles, California – that formed when two local bands in the area decided to join forces. Lora G. Espinoza and Nikki Lunden were leading up-and-coming bands respectively when they had a chance meeting at a local showcase venue. The two discussed their goals and visions, and Lunden Reign was born.
Pooling together their songwriting talents, Lora and Nikki began writing and creating a very unique and exciting brand of music. The result of this collaborative effort is the brilliant debut album “American Stranger”.  (A) great collection of songs. I gave it a listen, and there was an impressive flow from one song to the other. It’s a very, very good piece of work  (American Stranger-the song) is very strong and very touching story. It was one of the songs I checked off that I like. I like how it finished up real strong. It seemed to gain momentum as it moved along.  Congratulations on all of your hard work. It obviously paid off on the album.



FRANKIE GAY (Producer, “Dealin’ The Battle of Wanat:”

Lora G & Nikki. Thank You for the dedication of your song. The Savage Line speaks volumes and hits home in many ways. The day my son Pruitt was killed in Wanat, changed my life forever as it did with his 8 brothers who were KIA by his side and all their families. Wanat only represents a small part of the many battles and brotherhoods who were born out of blood and love. As you stated, we are still in a War throughout this world and most have forgotten. Keeping all of our Heroes, our Sons & Daughters, memories alive is so important to me personally. Im grateful to you both, to Geoff, Luis and the entire Lunden Reign Band for taking the time and energy to write and produce your song “The Savage Line”. I really like the song itself being i listen to alternative rock music all the time on xm. Great song!

Antonio El SalserocdeAcero:

“Lunden Reign ROCKS & RULES with an IRON FIST as they precipitate a lethal assortment of METAL-EARGASMS upon your SINFUL SOULS!!” –


 Natalie Perdu:

“Your songs are emotional, articulate and passionately performed – just had to listen to your entire set. Keep up the inspirational work” –


AmbDyn Alley:

“You ladies Killed tonight. JOB so well done. AMAZING! Go get’em over seas!! Lets talk when you come home. THANK YOU!!!”-


 Lea Mia Hobbs:

Lora this album has brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart from the variety of beats and interesting mixure of instruments but what really connected to the music were the beautiful lyrics they made me go back into time into the good and bad times of my life and inspired me to live for what caos is next because if u can create life and beauty through caos and contrevesy and share oit with the world it makes me feel responsible to prove to the world anything is possible.”





JIM MANZO: (Bassist-Fire & Ice):

“So it has been a real treat to play these 6 songs from the Lora G Band… Thank you, great music that leaves you hummin’ after, well into the slumber of sleep and throughout the days. That is a great song too called “MARY”.”


JAMIE JOHNSON: (Guitarist-Huntington Beach):

“The Lora G Band rocks ! My fave right now is Hear Me, but I really love all the songs ! This band has touched my heart and soul . I can’t wait to hear more from them!”


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