1. Rapture

“RAPTURE” – Make Believe Friends (Blondie Cover)
(Final Mix and ATMOS Mix by Legendary Producer Ed Stasium)
“Rapture” is an American classic rock/rap/altrock
song written by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie. The hit song was released
in 1981 on Blondie’s fifth studio album “Autoamerican”.
Mindy Milburn and Laura Espinoza (the core members of Make Believe Friends) wanted
to create a bit more haunting updated version, but without changing the structure,
integrity or major elements of this classic song.
To make this happen, Mindy (lead vocals) and Laura (guitar, keyboards) enlisted the
talents of some of the best musicians and producers in music today including:
Bass: Phil Soussan (Ozzy, Last in Line);
Synth: Michael Bluestein (Foreigner);
Drums: Logan Miles Nix (John 5, Heart of Blonde);
Michaela Metiver (Heart of Blonde);
& Enrique Garcia (Heart of Blonde).
Bernie Godwin III (whose father Dito Godwin produced No Doubt) produced and co-mixed the single, then legendary Producer, Ed Stasium (Ramones, Talking Heads,
Smithereens) produced the final mix and the ATMOS mix.
“I just listened to ‘Rapture.’ Wow! There's a lot going on, and the slightly darker edge
timed with or near the release of "Haunt Me" make(s) sense. I love it! It is hard to believe
that it has already been over 40 years since the original No. 1 gold single.
Congratulations to everyone especially Mindy pulling off the singing and rapping.”
Warren Kurtz - Goldmine Music Magazine