Act of Love

Make Believe Friends ft Lunden Reign

The lyrics for Act of Love are referring to any challenge one may face in life, and the resilience of the human spirit to overcome it, even when we may not believe it is possible. “It's the strength to rise above, all it takes is an act of love.” It's about trusting your instinct and staying focused on your path, knowing everything will work out in the end, exactly as it's supposed to be. It's also about how remaining undeterred, open to change and growth, and compassionate towards others during such an uncertain time helps us to get through it, and getting through it together makes us all stronger. “It's a whispered prayer, a selfless dare, it's everywhere. We wanted to write an uplifting song and something that speaks about the human spirit in a time of crisis. How people rise to the occasion to help others, even at their own peril. This is an Act of Love.

About the production: Act of Love by Make Believe Friends (featuring the members of Lunden Reign) was written by Laura Espinoza (music) & Mindy Milburn (lyrics). Producer: Geoff Pearlman (Echo in the Canyon Band/Film) Musicians: Lead Vocals: Mindy Milburn; Harmony: Miranda Miller (formerly with Hey Violet!); Guitars: Laura Espinoza & Geoff Pearlman; Piano: Michael Bluestein (Foreigner); Drums: Noel Jasso. Mastered by: Grammy winning Evren Goknar

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