MAKE BELIEVE FRIENDS  (aka Lunden Reign)

is comprised of  Laura Espinoza (guitar, composer), Mindy Milburn (lead vocals),  Enrique Garcia (guitar), Michaela Metivier (vocals), Matt Denis (bass) and Logan Miles Nix (drums).

In addition, Make Believe Friends just launched a tribute to one of their most admired artists, Blondie and performs also as "HEART OF BLONDE".

Several new songs released by Make Believe Friends have already been chosen as best of the year and Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) join in on the recording of "Somewhere There Forever".  The band's debut concept album “American Stranger” was released on Cleopatra Records and began receiving world-wide critical acclaim almost immediately.  

Laura, Mindy & Miranda Miller turned the album into a stage play/musical at the Fringe  Festival in Hollywood and American Stranger (the musical) was chosen as "One of the Best of the Fringe" and also received  a "Favorite Audience Award".

American Stranger (the musical) will return to the stage in summer of 2022 with additional new songs Laura is currently composing! Please email us to stay updated! MakeBelieveFriendsBand@gmail.com



"Confessions" album

 On the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album, LundenReign released their second album “Confessions” on limited edition 12-inch vinyl! The record is complete with 10 power house songs that focus on political emotions and empowerment as well as some fantastic love songs that will make the hairs stand on your neck.  


“The artwork is stunning on Confessions and the record inside is a rock album that balances beauty and power from one of Los Angeles' finest independent bands.” - Warren Kurtz, Goldmine Magazine  

 “What these songs all have in common is an ear for melody, and a sense of care and craft in constructing this record. You can hear how important these words and these songs are to the band” - Chris C. - Editor in Chief, Bloody Good Music  

Their first album “AMERICAN STRANGER” received critical acclaim and made multiple music magazine’s “TOP 10-BEST OF” Lists for 2015. 


Make Believe Friends  Make Believe Friends 
                       The Truth  
                 Somewhere There Forever  
                 The Savage Line (Acoustic)  
                 Follow Me to the Sun  
                 Thank the Academy  
                 Act of Love  

Confessions  Lunden Reign  
                    Coming Home Tonight  
               Stardust Daze  
               Red Wagon  
                Little Lost Girl  
                Fate of the World  
                Dead Man Walking  
                Never Ending Dream  
                Thunder or the Rain  
                Faded Memories  

American Stranger  Lunden Reign  
                  Love in Free Fall  
                The Savage Line  
                Hush & Whispers  
                American Stranger  
                Hear Me  
               The Light  
               When Love Lies  
               It's About Time 

Streets of Hollywood  Lora G Band  
                  Hear Me  
             Sex Suicide  
             The Light  
             Streets of Hollywood  
             All 4U  
             When Love Lies