“The Savage Line” Airs on Deuce Radio Show 274th Broadcast

LR is pleased to announce “The Savage Line” opens the 274th Deuce Radio Show hosted by Matt Barker!

The show is being broadcast on KWSS in the USA which attracts 18,000+ listeners, YJT FM in Spain, UWS FM Radio and K107 in Scotland, a number of FM stations in New Zealand, along with a large number of other, Digital and Internet stations around the world! A full list of the stations can be found here.

Big thanks to Rob Sauders, Matt Barker and the Deuce Team for your support!


After 2 years of songwriting, arranging, recording, rehearsing, and late nights that taunted the sun… The unyielding dedication of these talented musicians allows us the pleasure to announce:   THE DEBUT LUNDEN REIGN ALBUM is COMPLETE! and contains an epic track list of 10 original songs co-written by Lora G. and producer Luis Maldonado (“It’s About Time”Continue Reading

Capitol Mastering Sessions

“AMERICAN STRANGER”  (Lunden Reign’s debut album) is completed and now being mastered by Grammy winning EVREN GOKNAR at Capitol Records, Hollywood.  We believe this to be a LANDMARK ALBUM and we hope you will feel the same.  Sample a few of the songs here (music tab).   AMERICAN STRANGER contains 10 ORIGINAL SONGS with lyrics byContinue Reading

In Session at Capitol Records

Lunden Reign heads back to Capitol Records (studio B) today to track the final song for their first full length release, “American Stranger”. Be sure to check in through out the day for updates and pics to see “Love In Free Fall” in the making! If time allows, we’ll be filming and recording an acoustic version ofContinue Reading

Lunden Reign® Rides The Charts, LA Pride, Capitol Sessions

WELCOME to LUNDEN REIGN’s official site designed by Legendary record cover artist Ioannis and web designer George V.  Our site is compatible with ALL devices–no need for extra apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc. HOW COOL!!  Please click through all the pages, listen, watch, like, share, comment and enjoy!                  Continue Reading

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